You’re hurting me

I’d love to say you love me, like nobody could.

I’m not sure, at all.

You know you hurt me and I know that’s not your fault.

It’s your fault, but it’s not what you’re willing to.

I’m a big girl, turn into woman now,

I should have learnt not to believe,

but trust my own feelings.

It doesn’t matter what you say,

I’m capable to understand

the difference between

your words and your thoughts.

Jealousy, Envy?

Better not to mention them at all,

let’s say it’s impossible to bear

your woman with a soul.

My onion side

This is me.

I’m an onion.

Layer by layer I’m covered up.

Layer by layer I’m losing myself.

Layer by layer I’m starting to cry.

Layer by layer I found my heart.

This is me.

The white core.

Italy earthquake

This is our situation here in Italy.

I’m safe, but some of my family members are in the Northern area, thereabouts or farther.

We are all heartbroken, because we feel so vulnerable, impossible to help, waiting for a pause, but the earth is trembling with no stop. The 20th of May we had the first big earthquake in Emilia-Romagna.

magnitude (ML) 5.9

Today we had  (Ml) 5.8 In orange you can see all the earth shakes from the 20th to 29th,the 4 stars show those about magnitude (MI) 5.0 or more, in purple are today’s ones.

The thing is the earth has never stop to shake these days,and at 5 minutes to one o’clock the earth rumbled again touching 5.3 MI deepness 6.8.

I’m trying to explain doing my best, I took maps and numbers from here.

I don’t want to be polemic, but a big problem is the materia the buildings are built with, it is good but mixed up with water and sand to earn more. This scandal was exposed when some students died in L’Aquila some years ago, the college building had this problem. Crime associations are infiltrated in building business and much more in the Northern Italy, because business is there. We know that.

I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m talking politics, but everything that affects our social life is.

We don’t wanna die because some sharks can run freely.

Now it’s time to count damages, to bury our victims.

I’m worried because this is a new faille, not the same of ten days ago. The seismologists say we can have it for months. It’s horrible.

Please pray, the ones who believe, believe, the ones who dare to.

I hope I made you understand .

This is me, living the present

I would never live the same things I left behind. I would never ever be a teen again, that was hell, passion, and every other heartbreaking emotion.

I’m a survivor, I’m blessed. I’m here for a reason and I’m not wondering too much about it, not anymore.

Having passed through those years and having come out alive is a score! It doesn’t mean I’ve finished to suffer, but I’m bigger, you know, I’m on my feet and I’m responsible for my own decisions. I know, many of us are scared to take responsibilities, but for me it’s translated: FREEDOM!

The thing is I don’t wanna be under someone will again. Everyone is the result of his childhood. This is me.

It’s a purgatory, with some blinks of heaven, but at least it’s not a hell anymore.



I linger in my dream thoughts, trying to hold all the emotions I’ve felt .

Kissing and touching and hot gaze upon me.

A thrilling sensation, a steamy vibration, looking for each other, no words requested for the language of love.

We go in the soapy land, we could learn how to fly, in this burning state of mind.

Let the body take control, leave your doubts out of yours.

Morning is coming and this dream is spreading abroad.

I’ll catch you tonight.

New Obsession

So I have this obsession, from the morning when I wake up ’til the night when I go to sleep…

It’s not my fault, I’m going to share this obsession with you and we’ll see if you’ll be able to get it out of your mind..

It’s a real obsession, so I put it in both of my blogs.

Tonighiiiiiiiit we are youuuung! Usually I’m not this silly, but…



Hold me tight and never let me go,

I’m so tired you can’t even know,

I need some warmth, some human glow,

I feel this pain so deep in my soul,

I have this hook stuck in my heart,

I’m not asking you the freedom,

just stay with me, don’t go.

My rose

So you’d like me to beg for a touch, for a hug or embrace,

But I won’t, I would die first and then deny it.

I’ve got too many wounds and too many stitches to take care of your needs, but I’d like to, maybe.

I’m a superstar stepping out the stage, when she takes off the make up, trying to forget.

Don’t mention my needs, ’cause you don’t even know what to think about it.

Shake then, shake your body and go to hell, just for a month or two and send me the postcard baby, I’d appreciate it!

Sweet the thorns when you hold my rose, just hold it tight and you can keep the spines with you.

I’ll be a river, so I’ll learn

Goodbye sweet angel, goodby my little dream,

one day I’ll learn what happened, so I’ll be free,

I try not to think, I’m trying to be good,

’cause I have to love, you know,

‘ cause they’re what I live for.

Goodbye my last hope,

my faith in believing,

my needs and my soul.

It’s me, for sure,

I’ll learn to be a river,

flowing from the mountain top,

taking the good and the bad,

carrying them through the way

and at the end of the journey,

I’ll free bag and baggage in the sea,

’cause I’ll have learnt my lesson.