The Era of Vampire’s coming..

I’m waiting for a vampire to come. I’m sure the day is near to come. I read about them, they’re everywhere, on tv, movies, novels, comics.. I wonder if the postman.. no, he usually comes by noon, so..

Maybe, the priest, he’s always in the shade. The church is so big, the sun can never enlighten it properly and he has to put the light on even in summer! I saw them on tv, they’re always dressed in dark clothes as the priest does.He’s so serious, but I could swear he’s smiling inside,as if he knows something we ignore.

Oh,maybe the butcher’s a bloodsucker, he should, so there’s no waste at all! He looks so happy fumbling meat and blood..

Oh, for sure there’s a bleeder here, fashion victims are asking for more!

Highlanders, vampires, half animal people… they’re all to come and they’re so sexy and charming!

I’m gonna have a look, maybe the headmaster: he’s stiff attitude may hide his nature.

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