Perfect feeling

If I could write about the perfect feeling of this night, I would do it.

As this summer breeze touches my skin, giving relief after the heat, making me shiver in pleasure.

I listen to the nature turning this world around.

Birds are going to sleep and some dogs are talking loud as the car is running away, where to, nobody knows yet, and nobody ever knows this road destination.

So I take the anger and throw it away as God let me all this life running free through these veins of mine.

And I can feel this great pleasure for life, a love I recognize, I’ve always known, but I’m not sure it comes from this world.

I feel I’m connected to the Big Infinite, just in front of this open window.

I would not go in any other place, just for this moment, just for today.

It’s too perfect.

I think that this life is all I need.

Lara and Ruben story

Thinking about the past was no good for anybody, but Lara couldn’t forget.

She had to give everything for the Mission, all her youth, womanhood, the dreams of love and Rock was lost somewhere behind.

She was a warrior, of this fragile squad of no land people she was the boss.

Ruben was so out of control, she could not stand his behaviour.

His blue eyes rolling every time she gave an order.

His red hair so long and rebel, she tried so many times to cut it, but no success in that.

So, she had the hardest training to found herself at the top of this desperate riffraff.

Gorgo was a longtime friend, he was a giant,  with a scary scarf through his cheek, as a shark gave him a bite. It was a long never healed white line.

He was so big and had a thin braid of dark hair, tied in a pink ribbon. It made him looking worst then ever.

He was so big, they had to make him a dress with every sort of  blouses, jackets, skirts, trousers… everything his countrymen were able to assemble.

This small crew had a long journey to accomplish, and a short amount of time.


New morning, love for the world

ssssssssssssssht, nature is singing..

listen better those craving chirps

Birds are taking their space,

in every possible corner,

the sparrow and the swallow

the bumptious pigeon over all.

I feel the fresh air

as a relief for all the heat,

it makes me wish for better,

good days, good relations,

Love for all today,

just for today.

laughs and caresses.

You, The Darkness Prince

I dreamt of you tonight.

I knew you so well, we burnt of the brightest fire!

I knew you were all my world, I felt at home.

Your hands the perfect shape of my tender breast.

We fall in this flames of desire, passion flew as a rushing river,

I knew it was right, I knew it was you I wanted for life.

The dream of us broke in thousands splinters,

my room was floodlit as the shadows went hiding.

I remembered your face, I cried as I missed you too much!

I tried to call you..but your name slipped away!

Come back, come back again my love!

I’ll free you one day, when I’ll call out your name..

Can you hear me now?

Can you hear me now?
I found my self in trouble.

Can you lend your hand?
I surely have to mend it

Did you love this end?
I never ment to break it.
’cause I feel your bond.

Can you hear me now?
I told you how I’m feeling.

Can you lend your hand?
I’m gasping as I’m drifting.

Did you love this end?
I’ll never find the words
to spin this wheel again.

Can you hear the words
Can you hear my love?
Can you hear me ,hear me
don’t let it be the end
of all our dreaming.

There’s a place I long for

There’s a place where I used to be

it gave me much more than I keep

there’s this place where I long to be

it takes a life to set me free

and I’ll never be a part

of this secret I don’t catch

so, I take my feet and run

for a place I care, in my heart.