Nature Queen, the story of Laura

Josephine Wall painting

Laura took the shoes off and keep her run.

She kept on running and couldn’t stop.

Her neighbours went out their houses,

staring with no words,

she was desperate, crying

as she’d been in hell.

When she reached the end of the road

her best friend was screaming out her name

asking to think over,

but Laura didn’t turn back,

she took the street crossing the forest.

They’ve never seen her again.

She found the spirit of trees

he picked up her tears

and watered some seeds

he took her hands

and put them in there

then closed her hands

with his hands

staring at each other.

She felt the warmth

and opened them up

butterflies flew in the sky,

their children dream,

“our fairies” he whispered

and kissed with the sweetest kiss.

This is the story of Laura

and her fairy tale dream,

she lives in the forest

with her spirit of trees,

they look after them

with their fairies kids.

And that’s how Laura

became the Nature Queen.


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