Lilly was left alone

Lilly said she was alone and her mother does not respond.

Poor little baby, so lonely and fragile, where has your daddy been all this time?

She starts crying, so miserably, my heart’s breaking in sorrow!

Don’t be so sad honey, we’ll search for somebody

who can look and take care of you.

Then she starts changing: so tall and aging,

the hairs gray, her lips in a straight line.

She seems so furious, with angry eyes..

Don’t tell me lies, don’t even try,

I know your game, I’m not a babe,

I’m your inner child, being brutalized,

You ignore me all the timeĀ and never give a try

to understand my needs to satisfy.

I fall flesh and blood,I feel alone,

my mum does not respond.

Where has my daddy been all his time?

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