About my blog management

I have to spend some words about this blog, I’m worried someone could think I take myself too seriously, or much easier: I’m out of mind.

I’m probably out of mind, but I’m really quite self conscious to know I’m not an artist of any sort or level.

I have ideas, I have thoughts.

I love to have a place where I can put all of it down.

I’m 33, it’s a long time I’m not playing anymore, so, this place is a sort of my kindergarten.

This doesn’t mean I’m a sort of clown, I really feel what I write and the decision I made to use my voice in a poem I wrote it’s only because it’s born this way.

I really don’t think I’m able to sing or anything like that, it’s a share, with a high risk to be pathetic (my thought as well).

I’m not writing all this stuff because of someone words, you’re really too kind to say that, but it’s what I probably had thought myself.

I really long to see some of you find his/her way, because there are great projects in some blog of yours, I’m pretty sure about that.

So, I’m not taking myself too seriously, especially ’cause I’m ignorant, this is not my language and I have no qualification. Great, isn’t it? Or, as some of my country people living abroad say :”In it?” O-O ?

Bye Bye crocodiles

See you later alligators!

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