Lara and Ruben story

Thinking about the past was no good for anybody, but Lara couldn’t forget.

She had to give everything for the Mission, all her youth, womanhood, the dreams of love and Rock was lost somewhere behind.

She was a warrior, of this fragile squad of no land people she was the boss.

Ruben was so out of control, she could not stand his behaviour.

His blue eyes rolling every time she gave an order.

His red hair so long and rebel, she tried so many times to cut it, but no success in that.

So, she had the hardest training to found herself at the top of this desperate riffraff.

Gorgo was a longtime friend, he was a giant,  with a scary scarf through his cheek, as a shark gave him a bite. It was a long never healed white line.

He was so big and had a thin braid of dark hair, tied in a pink ribbon. It made him looking worst then ever.

He was so big, they had to make him a dress with every sort of  blouses, jackets, skirts, trousers… everything his countrymen were able to assemble.

This small crew had a long journey to accomplish, and a short amount of time.


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