About Fifty Shades of …

Curiosity won me.

I read “fifty shades of grey”, grey as the colour of his darkness, grey as his name, grey as his colour eyes.

Not difficult in any step, yes it was smart for some parts and no, it was not porn, come on! I don’t understand why it comes to these terms every time a book it’s written for a female public.

Ever read Tropic of Cancer? Delta of Venus? Emmanuelle? If you read a book it’s because you’re not into the story tale,  most of the times.

So, it’s not that reading Fifty S. means your into s.m. ,  it’s not for me for sure.

The book itself is smart, I thought all the times “she knew she would sell it”, but there is a slim untouchable line that crossed me and it shocked me.

Now I have to think what is my problem, one of many, because I cried, yes!

I say this and I’ll always deny it.

We girls never want to say we have read some romances!

This one has some immediate links to Bridget Jones and Twilight, others probably I didn’t catch.

So I’m quite anxious about my crying, it touched me deeply. Maybe I’m a bit stressed, maybe some deep chords in my soul resound when I read about wanting and loosing and loving and being scared about the loss.

Every day it’s a new discover!


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