respect.. what is that?

Don’t ask, don’t you dare!

Asking is for the brave people, the strong ones, those who hold the scepter, the best bite in their plate.

Don’t ever ask for some help, you lazy-ass!

You stay at home day and night, scratching your nose, or lower parts,

watching tv, reading your books, tapping on your pc!

You have your easy way with your cleaning, and cooking and other stuff!

Raising your kids? Oh, shut up, every mother does, and notice please the working ones!

How do you dare ask for help!

You’re getting fat, as a cow in the fatty grass.

<< Ok, ok, slow down.. I’m sorry, forget about it!>>


Time to thank

No poetry today. I’d like to do the opposite today.

Usually I write my thoughts in the italian blog “racconti e ciarle”, but today I felt to write there a poem and I choose to tell a story here instead.

The beautiful story that opened my heart these days.

I had som bad years in my teens, my parents departed, my mom left my dad when I was twelve and married her new husband when I was fourteen, on my birthday exactly.

I had a horrible relationship with her husband, I was devastated because he couldn’t stand me, but my mother wanted a new perfect life and became everything he wanted, doesn’t matter if it ment to say the opposite of what she taught me before.

I felt overwhelmed and I reached a point of no return, trying to stop it. But I failed, luckily!

Ok, I cut it: I left home, I’ve been with my precious granny and with my dad (gosh!). At the end of the day I chose to leave the school (and it’s a pity, because I’ve always been sure that I would have reached my goals) and went on my own.

I found a job, I left for England, stayed a year and met my boyfriend, come back in Italy, gone with him to live, far, far from my city and married him.. and every precious thing I have since than is beautiful.

I had a fantastic best friend from my nine years to my fifteen years old. We lost each other because of the school, she has to change institute, but she has been my best friend, and I felt bad for loosing her, because I was to inside my horrible life.

Guess why I’m boring you with the worst part of my life?

Because thanks to my blog, after eighteen years (18? wow!), my friend found me in my blog, she just finished in it with a casual search.

I’m so happy, really happy, I can trust again, after loosing so much last year (granny, and little soul).

But I have a beautiful family, crazy happy smart boys and my friend again.

It’s time for me to say thank you!

Imagine imagination

I’ve always been a dreamer.

I can put it on 80’s movies, on the books I’ve read since I was a child, the only one, so I had plenty of time to dream about places and people.

I was the hero or the queen? I think I was a sort of god of that world of mine, where my imagination could run free and wild.

Do you dare to think I finished with it? No way!

Let the thoughts be the truth, let the thinking be the way, no buying craps or foolish things, no falling into mac things..

I’ not trying to teach anything at all, I’m the student here!

I just need my dreams, my imagination to be dripped, words, lots of words to make it alive.

I just need to dream and write and read ’till I die.

Please, please let me believe there will be stories to hear Afterlife!

Summer storm


Something is so wrong with me
My emotions are flowing with no sense
As a summer storm coming in damage
Rough and beautiful you stay in front of it
Speachless and confused waiting for the sun
But you already know how much you’ll miss it.

Thinking with no words


Don’t know what to say,

don’t bother to find the words,

I don’t know if I care about,

am I loosing my mind?

I’m just tired enough

to rest in silence

and shut up.