Straight from the heart

No one, I say No one should decide how other then themselves can live their life.
Please, concentrate.
I read about people that care so much about who loves who, or about what really is in others underware.
So, wich life are we living?
I often think about this short life we have. So short, so many days lost in boredom or unhappiness. I decide I want to know nice people, I’m careful about the dangerous ones, the angry ones and the ignorants.
I want the youngers to feel safe, not to worry about their gender or their feelings. We are so wrong if we are still teaching some stupid dangerous thoughts. Bad thoughts leed to hate, hate leed to violence. We don’t need anymore of this!
So, I always disliked facebook, but I look for my favourite artists: writers, painters, singers… and I’m learning so many different situations.
Let the others be, help when you can and stop every stupid joke that leed to hate. If you really think that you can’t accept what is different from you, start loving yourself, I think you just need to understand what scares you better than for you to scare .

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