Keep on dreaming love

I wish I could stay just like this: the music keep on going , always, no stop.
No thinking about , no thinking at all. I don’t need it anymore.
This could be good. Would it be?
Maybe, I don’t really know.
It’s just a wish, just the music and I and all the stories in my mind.
Some love, like those in the dreams, with no past and undefined future.
Those that let you know that are so strong with no words, you feel it in your heart and mind. Passion is everywhere to be caught. Love that has no beginning and no end, just is and will be.
Close your eyes and dream on, ’cause this is not for this world to be.

silly little love song

Nothing really matters
nothing really does
should be this
the game for us?

You will never colour
the bottom of my heart
but I’ll never leave
the blue of your sky.

Could it be forever
this pretty evil love?
I should bring
the shield on my soul.

Never taste potion
to make the magic love
we just need
the heat of our lust.