Wish it could be true

Just drop your thoughts,
take me for a ride,
kiss me hard and good
and let us be alive.

Never us to be able to live and love, impossible wish in this sick society where is tought us to crave for silly things with no heart and soul. Money rule the world, you can’t even breathe and be. Impossible freedom where everybody is a number to be filled in horrible boxes stuffed with dreams we’d never dream.

The Circle

White pale blank faces surround me and I wonder why.
Frozen fingers search for my locks and pull with a harming strength.
I want to cry loud, but my fear shut my lungs. I’m so desperate for the some I feel dizzy. I shut my eyes and I still see them. It can’t be true, it just is impossible!
Silly childish song all around and I put my hands on my ears, but nothing changes.
They are moving fast and near, they’re so close now… I’m freezing, my teeth chattering.
Please, don’t hurt me. I can only thing to pain and death. Waiting for my life to be gone. Hopefully it will be fast and I will not suffer too much. Yes, all my wishes to come true!
As I’m lost in my thoughts I realize the song stopped.
I want to look around, but my eyes are shut and my brain seems to be the same.
I feel fresh air on my face and I see all of them.
My eyes are looking back. Shivers are running through my spine.
All those faces are mine.
I can feel the loneliness, the pain, the broken dreams and I feel ashamed ’cause I let it be.
Warm tears wet my face and all the faces around. I keep looking at them, I don’t understand what I’m expecting them to do.
I feel free. I stand up and break the circle of myselves. I don’t look back. I’m gone for good.

Secret Garden of Dreams

The wrong chance is not a life of ease
I just could stay like this, frozen in peace.
For the love I can’t reach I’d rather still
and give myself a secret garden to live.
Where my thoughts and lost feelings will be
like the wild born horses run young and free.
Then I could just be and never pretend:
so useless a life where you can’t stand.

Lost future

So, if nothing is left, what should I do?
Nothing to change, everything to lose and I can’t even think about it,
but it’s so hard broken my heart emptied. I can’t afford the last spirit of hope.
I should have known better, should I?
Too young to understand, to abandoned to recognise that some people just don’t hide, their feelings are something different.
I’ve been waiting for so long just to be held tight, to be a gift for you, my life.
I thought and I lost my childish dreams, I grew up and I can’t look in your eyes.
You’re the same. We lost so much, we’ve been through so much… how can you be the same? That could be the worst betrayal to me: you’ve been somewhere else, I can just read it in your eyes.
Thinking, always thinking about your job, your money you can’t afford, and I’m here, year by year, in front of you.
I feel so useless, so abandoned once more. They say the child from abuse marry abusive, so maybe the not cared ones marry those who don’t care…
I don’t know… I have to face my future knowing I will never feel what it means for a woman to be truly loved. I wish we were not so many of us.