The Circle

White pale blank faces surround me and I wonder why.
Frozen fingers search for my locks and pull with a harming strength.
I want to cry loud, but my fear shut my lungs. I’m so desperate for the some I feel dizzy. I shut my eyes and I still see them. It can’t be true, it just is impossible!
Silly childish song all around and I put my hands on my ears, but nothing changes.
They are moving fast and near, they’re so close now… I’m freezing, my teeth chattering.
Please, don’t hurt me. I can only thing to pain and death. Waiting for my life to be gone. Hopefully it will be fast and I will not suffer too much. Yes, all my wishes to come true!
As I’m lost in my thoughts I realize the song stopped.
I want to look around, but my eyes are shut and my brain seems to be the same.
I feel fresh air on my face and I see all of them.
My eyes are looking back. Shivers are running through my spine.
All those faces are mine.
I can feel the loneliness, the pain, the broken dreams and I feel ashamed ’cause I let it be.
Warm tears wet my face and all the faces around. I keep looking at them, I don’t understand what I’m expecting them to do.
I feel free. I stand up and break the circle of myselves. I don’t look back. I’m gone for good.

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