Under the moonshadow 

The big house, under the tree and around, is yellow and green like the sun in a pea.

There’s a garden with flowers and teas, chairs up the trees and a huge bumblebee.

Its name is Arold and flies in the sea, catching dragons and turtles to feed.

Every moon has a shadow to conceal a big house and a huge bumblebee.

The Circle

White pale blank faces surround me and I wonder why.
Frozen fingers search for my locks and pull with a harming strength.
I want to cry loud, but my fear shut my lungs. I’m so desperate for the some I feel dizzy. I shut my eyes and I still see them. It can’t be true, it just is impossible!
Silly childish song all around and I put my hands on my ears, but nothing changes.
They are moving fast and near, they’re so close now… I’m freezing, my teeth chattering.
Please, don’t hurt me. I can only thing to pain and death. Waiting for my life to be gone. Hopefully it will be fast and I will not suffer too much. Yes, all my wishes to come true!
As I’m lost in my thoughts I realize the song stopped.
I want to look around, but my eyes are shut and my brain seems to be the same.
I feel fresh air on my face and I see all of them.
My eyes are looking back. Shivers are running through my spine.
All those faces are mine.
I can feel the loneliness, the pain, the broken dreams and I feel ashamed ’cause I let it be.
Warm tears wet my face and all the faces around. I keep looking at them, I don’t understand what I’m expecting them to do.
I feel free. I stand up and break the circle of myselves. I don’t look back. I’m gone for good.

Keep on dreaming love

I wish I could stay just like this: the music keep on going , always, no stop.
No thinking about , no thinking at all. I don’t need it anymore.
This could be good. Would it be?
Maybe, I don’t really know.
It’s just a wish, just the music and I and all the stories in my mind.
Some love, like those in the dreams, with no past and undefined future.
Those that let you know that are so strong with no words, you feel it in your heart and mind. Passion is everywhere to be caught. Love that has no beginning and no end, just is and will be.
Close your eyes and dream on, ’cause this is not for this world to be.

silly little love song

Nothing really matters
nothing really does
should be this
the game for us?

You will never colour
the bottom of my heart
but I’ll never leave
the blue of your sky.

Could it be forever
this pretty evil love?
I should bring
the shield on my soul.

Never taste potion
to make the magic love
we just need
the heat of our lust.

The world in my hands

my eyes fall down to my hands and I consider how the time goes by.

it’s a habit I did not notice.

I stare at my hands like a baby, so I think the world starts from there.

I thank, I thank so much all I’ve done with my hands. Mine.

Dreaming my life

If you look around,
Watch better I say,
You’ll lose the word,
Listen to me I say.

I waked the walls,
up and down,
I crossed the sea,
Through the ground.

You’ll never know
how much I loved
you how much
I need you.

I touched all the lips
every skin I smelled
all the lovers in me
I hold in my heart.

So, I fly away,
in the sweetest breeze
I leave the dream
so I can sleep.


Spring awakening










Today is calling me,
it punches my shoulder,
screaming “it’s time, it’s time!!”

What for?, I don’t get it,
but someone whispers in my ear:
get up Lazy Ass and leave a sign.

All right, I’ve got it: LifE,
I’ll crunch you, I’ll kiss you,
I’ll hold you so tight:.. Love YOU!