Battle against the mites!

I took off those little mites from my plants.

I don’t want to use that product they gave to me: I’m healthier, and obviously it didn’t work!

So my roses are so ugly this year and they promised great blossom!

I took that sort of morning glory. I put a grill to climb it on the wall outside.

I was so happy! But no blue flowers and my roses ill.. I take the blame on the new plant.

I tried that damned acaricide,but it got worst!

So,today, all my hopes thrown away, I took the wet sponge and leaf by leaf, I took those creatures off.

I think it’s too late to hope for the best this year.

Now, tell me why I feel that thousands of little green insects are climbing on my body?

I’m scratching as I’m gone crazy!

Can’t throw this feeling in the sink!