Music (soul song)

It surrounds me, I’m at its mercy.
Just don’t stop, don’t you ever stop it …
tump tututump tump pup tutump…

Let it rise my spirit and crawl inside;
it’s running through my veins
so right its rhyme, the rhythm just fine…

I’m climbing mountains and heights:
just keep going stamping on my heart
let it beat faster and soar through the skys.

Keep on dreaming love

I wish I could stay just like this: the music keep on going , always, no stop.
No thinking about , no thinking at all. I don’t need it anymore.
This could be good. Would it be?
Maybe, I don’t really know.
It’s just a wish, just the music and I and all the stories in my mind.
Some love, like those in the dreams, with no past and undefined future.
Those that let you know that are so strong with no words, you feel it in your heart and mind. Passion is everywhere to be caught. Love that has no beginning and no end, just is and will be.
Close your eyes and dream on, ’cause this is not for this world to be.

Jingle life

There he was
lookin’ for somethin’
as a nut-nut cracker
as a nut-nut cracker!

There I was
cookin’ for buddy
as a me-me mermaid
as a me-me mermaid!

There we were
dancin’ through the valleys
as the pen-pen-penguins
as the pen-pen-penguins!

Here you are
singing my jingle
as a sun-sun-sunny
as a sunny sunny day!

Never turn back

The one who leaves , leaves a presence ten times bigger than himself.

You have to be strong and look straight the way, never turn back, never.

His eyes will be so big and bright, ten times better than the real ones.

The way he smiled you’ll think was charming, in a way it never was.

So, leave the ghosts in peace and treat yourself right, as you’re here, now, flash and blood.

You’ve got to be your best friend ’cause no one in this life has been so close to you as you are .