Orange is Tyranny

The more they spray the tan,

The more they hate

They’re color blind

Choosing the same old brand.

Orange was the New Black

Orange is the New Tyranny.

They put us in boxes

To contain the chances

Oh, we’ll break free

Above gender color faith

It’s your thought: keeep it!

Knowledge is the key.

Look for the truth

Always vigilant.

Your battle is The battle.

The time has come (to understand)

There are times when the picture is clear. Frozen in place, standing we can see, all the dirt, the falling dust that covers the lies. We were busy, occupied, we couldn’t bother to fight. There were too many shiny things to reach. Doesn’t matter the lost, the poor, the oppressed, ’till we escape that fate, we’re secure. So, the power was there to keep into greasy hands, to share between themselves. We were busy worrying ’till the grave. Paying overwhelming taxes, caressing empty things, distancing from feelings. We lost the power to criticize and act. Now, we face the consequence. The world in greedy hands, our safety at stake. How does it feel? Those shiny things, so empty and useless. We’re under a pacific tyranny. How does it sound? Take this time to understand.

Building and the lost of ourselves

We do our best, don’t we?
We build so muc,h hoping to get some money, every day struggling for a piece of paper, dirty and smelly.

We build so much, we’re crushing our head in the reach of a living.
All this walls are falling down and no money is left, ’cause we’ve already known from the beginning that it was not coming around.

It’s other business we’re working for, and those faces are only getting bigger and older and smarter. I can’t explain the whole world that all this working is useless in the end: there are people better than I am.

So I keep on building and crossing fingers, all this wall hiding the Sun.
And no one is left to build my heart.

Blue Moon tonight

Blue Moon tonight, a special night.

It happens just in a while that you can see twice in month the full beautiful moon. Secret whispered dreams for you, with all my special wishes of love, with all my heart.

Hot thoughts, because it’s hot!

It’s hot, so hot today I don’t know what to do with myself.

This body, I feel I have one too many!

There is a breeze incoming but it’s like the breath of a wet dog, have a try!

I think I’ll go in the kitchen, I haven’t been able to write new pages, maybe looking to the olympic athletes will give me a better perspective.

I’ll feel happier for sure!


Italy earthquake

This is our situation here in Italy.

I’m safe, but some of my family members are in the Northern area, thereabouts or farther.

We are all heartbroken, because we feel so vulnerable, impossible to help, waiting for a pause, but the earth is trembling with no stop. The 20th of May we had the first big earthquake in Emilia-Romagna.

magnitude (ML) 5.9

Today we had  (Ml) 5.8 In orange you can see all the earth shakes from the 20th to 29th,the 4 stars show those about magnitude (MI) 5.0 or more, in purple are today’s ones.

The thing is the earth has never stop to shake these days,and at 5 minutes to one o’clock the earth rumbled again touching 5.3 MI deepness 6.8.

I’m trying to explain doing my best, I took maps and numbers from here.

I don’t want to be polemic, but a big problem is the materia the buildings are built with, it is good but mixed up with water and sand to earn more. This scandal was exposed when some students died in L’Aquila some years ago, the college building had this problem. Crime associations are infiltrated in building business and much more in the Northern Italy, because business is there. We know that.

I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m talking politics, but everything that affects our social life is.

We don’t wanna die because some sharks can run freely.

Now it’s time to count damages, to bury our victims.

I’m worried because this is a new faille, not the same of ten days ago. The seismologists say we can have it for months. It’s horrible.

Please pray, the ones who believe, believe, the ones who dare to.

I hope I made you understand .

We’ll seek for the truth

You were going to school, just as usual, waiting for the evening event.

The explosion took you away, in a second hell.

You were dreaming, talking with your friend who’s now fighting for her life.

There’s no reason for this! There’s no answer to give, but we’ll seek for the truth!

No more sleeping minds, no more chatting about money stuff,

’cause our Country’s crying for a living and those coward shits are going on their play again,

thinking we’re too busy to understand, hoping we’ll confuse the truth for an action from an other place.

I can see, I can think, never again, never!

Beautiful girl, rest in peace, hold your mommy tight, help your daddy out.

We’ll seek for the truth, we’ll never die again.

Stop chatting, please, give it a rest.

Every age we had a master and we lowered our head, but it’s time for a rising, for a self-respect.

We protect our children as we always had, NO ONE TOUCH OUR KIDS AGAIN!

Rest in peace Melissa, we’ll never forget.