Jingle life

There he was
lookin’ for somethin’
as a nut-nut cracker
as a nut-nut cracker!

There I was
cookin’ for buddy
as a me-me mermaid
as a me-me mermaid!

There we were
dancin’ through the valleys
as the pen-pen-penguins
as the pen-pen-penguins!

Here you are
singing my jingle
as a sun-sun-sunny
as a sunny sunny day!

Kiss you goodbye

I have no dreams to hold tight, to believe in, no hope in Us.
I’ll keep going, as I always do. ‘Cause I know I can’t play games, this si real, as real as my bleading heart is.
I’ll take some boxes, to put my body and soul in. No woman of me is left outside, no dreams of kisses of tender hands, skin to skin, heart to heart, only the woman you can keep, the one your mom is I think.
No passion no best friend, as you said, you were so young! , no friendship between us, and I was speachless.. How could we be in love without it? And now … Years and tears gone by… With my dreams, my sorrow and confidence, that I never had…
Kiss you goodbye while I’m here, to stay, and only God knows who I am.


Stay away from me… please

How. How? How!

How could you? You’ve been horrible to me. Really. I have enough sometimes, of being trapped in my feelings, guilty myself about the comfort easy life I’m living with you, because you don’t ask, you don’t talk, never want troubles, ever.

So easy…

I have to ignore as you do, all the doubts, all the thoughts, every time I dream my ghosts is ok, I just don’t have to bother you. All right then!

Lucky me.

Death anniversary I’m facing me and myself, you don’t ask, ever, about her, or about the baby, but.. the thing is you have enough.. of me, being so nervous these days, so nasty.

I pleased, please don’t disappoint me this way (again)!

You looked at me, murder sight, and you said the words I knew (but prayed other way):”Be careful not to disappoint Me too much!”.

I understood, ’cause I knew it, I’m the bad one. You don’t even try to understand, you only attack me back.

Doesn’t matter to me, I knew the man you are, I knew you are good, but forgive me, just forgive if I don’t want to see your face.

the truth in the fantasy

no words to fill the emptiness frozen in me.

reading is my illusion of being more real than my fantasy.

I thought I could do, be, say or sing something impressive.

I’ll never survive my dreams, my fantasies and all the strange little worlds living in.

I’ll be just fine at the end of the journey if someone will know Me.

Take a whisper and breathe it through other ears.

Come back again

You came to me tonight.

We were estranged .I Could Not Believe you were there, with me, in my arms, smiling.

I looked around, thinking I was dreaming, my heart was breaking , I wanted it to be real.

Everybody was comfortable, I wanted to trust the moment, so I chose to let my feelings flow.

I Held you tight, so tight, I could breath you, I’ve been perfectly, totally happy for the blink of a dreaming.

I woke up, I knew it, I don’t wat to think too much about my feelings.

I’m here, come back again, I’ll be forever yours.

Horror eulogy in autumn fantasy

Reading stories about obsessions,
strange creatures, ghosts, possessions
loved them all
Hawthorne and Poe

Dickens goes well
Lovecraft till you’re mad,
but I’ll always have a place
for the Master of Universe

the Red King fantasy
will endlessly forever
make shiver my skin
from heaven to hell.

Give me the time!

Please, give me the time

give it to me

I’ll treasure it,

I’ll be wise,

but give me a bite!

Where are my thoughts?

Where my dreaming lines?

I think I’ll have to pass

’cause I have no time,

just two kids at school

and no time.

respect.. what is that?

Don’t ask, don’t you dare!

Asking is for the brave people, the strong ones, those who hold the scepter, the best bite in their plate.

Don’t ever ask for some help, you lazy-ass!

You stay at home day and night, scratching your nose, or lower parts,

watching tv, reading your books, tapping on your pc!

You have your easy way with your cleaning, and cooking and other stuff!

Raising your kids? Oh, shut up, every mother does, and notice please the working ones!

How do you dare ask for help!

You’re getting fat, as a cow in the fatty grass.

<< Ok, ok, slow down.. I’m sorry, forget about it!>>


Time to thank

No poetry today. I’d like to do the opposite today.

Usually I write my thoughts in the italian blog “racconti e ciarle”, but today I felt to write there a poem and I choose to tell a story here instead.

The beautiful story that opened my heart these days.

I had som bad years in my teens, my parents departed, my mom left my dad when I was twelve and married her new husband when I was fourteen, on my birthday exactly.

I had a horrible relationship with her husband, I was devastated because he couldn’t stand me, but my mother wanted a new perfect life and became everything he wanted, doesn’t matter if it ment to say the opposite of what she taught me before.

I felt overwhelmed and I reached a point of no return, trying to stop it. But I failed, luckily!

Ok, I cut it: I left home, I’ve been with my precious granny and with my dad (gosh!). At the end of the day I chose to leave the school (and it’s a pity, because I’ve always been sure that I would have reached my goals) and went on my own.

I found a job, I left for England, stayed a year and met my boyfriend, come back in Italy, gone with him to live, far, far from my city and married him.. and every precious thing I have since than is beautiful.

I had a fantastic best friend from my nine years to my fifteen years old. We lost each other because of the school, she has to change institute, but she has been my best friend, and I felt bad for loosing her, because I was to inside my horrible life.

Guess why I’m boring you with the worst part of my life?

Because thanks to my blog, after eighteen years (18? wow!), my friend found me in my blog, she just finished in it with a casual search.

I’m so happy, really happy, I can trust again, after loosing so much last year (granny, and little soul).

But I have a beautiful family, crazy happy smart boys and my friend again.

It’s time for me to say thank you!