The Circle

White pale blank faces surround me and I wonder why.
Frozen fingers search for my locks and pull with a harming strength.
I want to cry loud, but my fear shut my lungs. I’m so desperate for the some I feel dizzy. I shut my eyes and I still see them. It can’t be true, it just is impossible!
Silly childish song all around and I put my hands on my ears, but nothing changes.
They are moving fast and near, they’re so close now… I’m freezing, my teeth chattering.
Please, don’t hurt me. I can only thing to pain and death. Waiting for my life to be gone. Hopefully it will be fast and I will not suffer too much. Yes, all my wishes to come true!
As I’m lost in my thoughts I realize the song stopped.
I want to look around, but my eyes are shut and my brain seems to be the same.
I feel fresh air on my face and I see all of them.
My eyes are looking back. Shivers are running through my spine.
All those faces are mine.
I can feel the loneliness, the pain, the broken dreams and I feel ashamed ’cause I let it be.
Warm tears wet my face and all the faces around. I keep looking at them, I don’t understand what I’m expecting them to do.
I feel free. I stand up and break the circle of myselves. I don’t look back. I’m gone for good.

Dreaming my life

If you look around,
Watch better I say,
You’ll lose the word,
Listen to me I say.

I waked the walls,
up and down,
I crossed the sea,
Through the ground.

You’ll never know
how much I loved
you how much
I need you.

I touched all the lips
every skin I smelled
all the lovers in me
I hold in my heart.

So, I fly away,
in the sweetest breeze
I leave the dream
so I can sleep.


Spring awakening










Today is calling me,
it punches my shoulder,
screaming “it’s time, it’s time!!”

What for?, I don’t get it,
but someone whispers in my ear:
get up Lazy Ass and leave a sign.

All right, I’ve got it: LifE,
I’ll crunch you, I’ll kiss you,
I’ll hold you so tight:.. Love YOU!

Come back again

You came to me tonight.

We were estranged .I Could Not Believe you were there, with me, in my arms, smiling.

I looked around, thinking I was dreaming, my heart was breaking , I wanted it to be real.

Everybody was comfortable, I wanted to trust the moment, so I chose to let my feelings flow.

I Held you tight, so tight, I could breath you, I’ve been perfectly, totally happy for the blink of a dreaming.

I woke up, I knew it, I don’t wat to think too much about my feelings.

I’m here, come back again, I’ll be forever yours.

Got it!

Oh no, it’s not about you, it’s never been!

It’s about me, myself, the way I face it.

Being me and living with, going on and struggling for  that dream that never fades away completely.

Yes, now I got it, it’s about that dream: complain with my parents: Book and Movie, they’re busy actually, they’ve got so many kids!

It’s not about you, it’s never been.

Dreaming in clouds

I don’t care about anything but my feelings today,
looking for a good place to rest in peace.

I lay down in the sand waiting for the wave
to catch my ticklish feet in freshness
to gently restore my tired soul in a touch.

Dreaming it’s free,
disenchantment’s the price.

Running in circles

In circles I’m running
going where I don’t care

really smart to consider
all my life from the shore

wave by wave emotions
crush in a crushed devotion

I’m standing in the middle
of this pool of blood

where’s the victim gone?
look there, look better!

a hand’s rising high
no fair… it’s mine.


Every try I give,

I miss the target.

I’m still here,

so I’ll try again.

Soon or later

I’m sure enough,

I’ll be able once

to hit the mark.

On writing a novel… again!

Yes, of course I’m messing around.

Google+ and YouTube and all this stuff, I know I’ll change my mind, ’cause I’m not a chatty one, from time to time can happen, but my phone allergy is not so far from all this things.

But I can proudly say I wrote today, I’m going on and I amused myself with the story and it makes me hope for better.

I feel closer to my fantasy people  and I can focus better on their characters.

The point is to let the fantasy go without being childish.

You have to be mature enough to know that yes, it’s great to create places, stories from zero, but it’s easy, really easy to fall in a boring fairytale.Instead of a catchy novel.

So, my target is to be careful.

I surprised myself, I really did, when I found myself in some hot scenes, and I wrote them!

Keep on going, I really would like to share something soon or later.. we’ll see, it’s not in english.

Love and blessings to all of you

I love myself..I believe

I’m happy to be  me because I’m honest with myself, because I like my thoughts.

Sometimes I really keep me good company .

The thing is.. when someone’s always by your side no matter what, what you feel?

So, I’m grateful I ‘m still in one piece.

Look at me, I’ve been through some holes to hell!

I faced my fears, I’m still looking back from time to time, but what to do with something you never chose?

You don’t choose to lose someone, you don’t choose when the grim is going for a visit, it comes!

I’m on my feet and I’m in good company,I have love and I have to stop with these fears of loss.

I felt abandoned in my childhood, but to lose in these days that’s a different kettle of fish.

I’m fine, I have a dream, I need a project, everybody needs, to go on.

I’m writing every time I can and obviously it’s a hard thing to do, ’cause it’s like the universe notices it sending me distractions every minute.

I’m stubborn with this purpose, I’ll do it.

Don’t worry! I’m writing the story in italian, I know my english is good enough just to communicate, not to write really!

If a day, maybe, let me dream… It will score, maybe you’ll read it.