The embrace

I crave a tight embrace as much as I hate it. It’s so powerful it should mean good feelings. It’s a “welcome home”. It’s “I’ve got your back”. It’s “I feel for you”. It’s “I’ll make it better”. It should never be forced. It’s not righting wrongs. I’m a special place myself as you are. Let’s celebrate with big hugs that are good for the heart. Otherwise, step back. And keep your mask.

Making love

Eating her mouth
as he was dying for the bite.

She felt dizziness
through her womb,
craving for more.

Their lips in fusion,
saliva and tongues
embracing strong.

His hand scouting
her mountains and valleys.

Her breath in search
for some air to grab,
and holding him strong
never to loose his rock.

And climbing the wave
together embraced
up up and he smiles
“take my hand, hold me tight”.

They’re so high
she’s screaming loud
and laughs with tears come by,

he grits his teeth
to reach the top
and kissing her hot

he takes her down
in a free  loving fall.


Hold me tight and never let me go,

I’m so tired you can’t even know,

I need some warmth, some human glow,

I feel this pain so deep in my soul,

I have this hook stuck in my heart,

I’m not asking you the freedom,

just stay with me, don’t go.

My rose

So you’d like me to beg for a touch, for a hug or embrace,

But I won’t, I would die first and then deny it.

I’ve got too many wounds and too many stitches to take care of your needs, but I’d like to, maybe.

I’m a superstar stepping out the stage, when she takes off the make up, trying to forget.

Don’t mention my needs, ’cause you don’t even know what to think about it.

Shake then, shake your body and go to hell, just for a month or two and send me the postcard baby, I’d appreciate it!

Sweet the thorns when you hold my rose, just hold it tight and you can keep the spines with you.