Jingle life

There he was
lookin’ for somethin’
as a nut-nut cracker
as a nut-nut cracker!

There I was
cookin’ for buddy
as a me-me mermaid
as a me-me mermaid!

There we were
dancin’ through the valleys
as the pen-pen-penguins
as the pen-pen-penguins!

Here you are
singing my jingle
as a sun-sun-sunny
as a sunny sunny day!

I miss you wonderful one

I remember your smell, your particular way, of living, of telling me stories, about your life, about us.

I miss you so much I think I won’t forgive you, ’cause you left me alone, facing all this seaquake, and my arms are so tired, of swimming in the deepness.

I dreamt of you and you were fine, no smile in your eyes, but I know your worries and I’m trying to survive.

I was thinking about the day you told me you were sleeping and granddad with his book, next to you. Then you woke up after a strange dreaming, the same story he was reading about.

I’ve always known you were special, your departure hadn’t left anything more to that.

So I find myself cut in the middle, playing everything is fine.

Goodbye girl, goodbye my friend, goodbye sweet nanny of mine, the strongest wonderful soul I ever met.