Making love

Eating her mouth
as he was dying for the bite.

She felt dizziness
through her womb,
craving for more.

Their lips in fusion,
saliva and tongues
embracing strong.

His hand scouting
her mountains and valleys.

Her breath in search
for some air to grab,
and holding him strong
never to loose his rock.

And climbing the wave
together embraced
up up and he smiles
“take my hand, hold me tight”.

They’re so high
she’s screaming loud
and laughs with tears come by,

he grits his teeth
to reach the top
and kissing her hot

he takes her down
in a free  loving fall.

Perfect feeling

If I could write about the perfect feeling of this night, I would do it.

As this summer breeze touches my skin, giving relief after the heat, making me shiver in pleasure.

I listen to the nature turning this world around.

Birds are going to sleep and some dogs are talking loud as the car is running away, where to, nobody knows yet, and nobody ever knows this road destination.

So I take the anger and throw it away as God let me all this life running free through these veins of mine.

And I can feel this great pleasure for life, a love I recognize, I’ve always known, but I’m not sure it comes from this world.

I feel I’m connected to the Big Infinite, just in front of this open window.

I would not go in any other place, just for this moment, just for today.

It’s too perfect.

I think that this life is all I need.

Flying whisper

Should I fly with glasses wings

jump those mountains with both my feet

sing the robin song to the autumn leaves

and laugh laugh laugh ’till it’s open?

Heaven’s door is golden made

with an army of angels to guard it

or maybe I’ll be a whisper

falling from your lips,

trying to be heard

as a bright new hope.


Freddy Mercury memory

Live Wembley 1992 George Michael tribute to Freddy Mercury and Queens

Somebody to Love

You’ve found the world Freddy!

We all love you and make the memory of you a real thing.

I’m sure you heard whisperers from Heaven, that’s how you wrote this music.

Now you’re there, and I’m pretty sure you’re making such a big show for everybody!

It’s like time has never passed. Love you.

This is me, living the present

I would never live the same things I left behind. I would never ever be a teen again, that was hell, passion, and every other heartbreaking emotion.

I’m a survivor, I’m blessed. I’m here for a reason and I’m not wondering too much about it, not anymore.

Having passed through those years and having come out alive is a score! It doesn’t mean I’ve finished to suffer, but I’m bigger, you know, I’m on my feet and I’m responsible for my own decisions. I know, many of us are scared to take responsibilities, but for me it’s translated: FREEDOM!

The thing is I don’t wanna be under someone will again. Everyone is the result of his childhood. This is me.

It’s a purgatory, with some blinks of heaven, but at least it’s not a hell anymore.