Morning call

Wake up before the sun rise, before your early set alarm clock bells.
Brush your feet so softly against the floor. Breath not to awake. Close the kitchen door. Grab your moka pot and fill it with coffee and mmmm it smells so good…
Sit to enjoy better. Jam, bread, coffee, spoons of nut cream. Pleasure in silence. The TV is breaking the world news and it’s heartbreaking. Always. Greedy bastards will be greeder and we’ll let them be. People are dying calling for help. While we crush under our own little hells.

Living thoughts

The jungle inside is bursting to life,
scraping new critters so wild,
carving their features in my mind.

I’m just trying to memorize,
their colors are so bright,
I’m  helplessly hypnotized.

I just wanted to know
how nice it could be
to be able to grow
in my own truly me.

Moving on

Every once in a while I feel myself reborn.

I find my inner furniture moved aside,

my spiritual walls refreshed in yellow,

the small window changed its curtains,

I don’t understand,

where is Myself?

But I take a better look

and I see the painting

the one that never changes

the one with my secret garden

the one who grows in my heart,

never-changing its nature.