Come back again

You came to me tonight.

We were estranged .I Could Not Believe you were there, with me, in my arms, smiling.

I looked around, thinking I was dreaming, my heart was breaking , I wanted it to be real.

Everybody was comfortable, I wanted to trust the moment, so I chose to let my feelings flow.

I Held you tight, so tight, I could breath you, I’ve been perfectly, totally happy for the blink of a dreaming.

I woke up, I knew it, I don’t wat to think too much about my feelings.

I’m here, come back again, I’ll be forever yours.

Blue Moon tonight

Blue Moon tonight, a special night.

It happens just in a while that you can see twice in month the full beautiful moon. Secret whispered dreams for you, with all my special wishes of love, with all my heart.