Building your house

How strong are you when you build your house from the foundations to the roof

again and again day by day ?

And you’d like to rest, you need a stop, you’re reaching the braking point,

you want to quit, doesn’t matter the result, or does it?

You don’t know why, but the day after you wake up holding the same old trowel.


My promise

I could say I’ll learn, I won’t.

I could say I’ll be good, I won’t.

I’ll be me in the best way I’ll be able to be.

I’ll be free in my mind as it is my priority, for the rest of my life.

I’ll be beautiful as beautiful as you’ll see me .

I’ll be the same person I’ve always been, keeping on changing while the hands of time keep on turning.

I’ll be ME this I promise for real, I swear it. That’s your guarantee for life.