The promise

I don’t care if you’re not fit enough, I care only for your eyes.
That spark deep down your look that brings me there and I forget myself.
Your hunger makes me want and I must have, but waiting, well…
Waiting makes me think and troubles me so much that I must have.
Just the right words, just the right glaze and I’m yours, all of myself, given.
It doesn’t matter if the time goes by, I don’t care about the older us.
One promise I need from you, and are not the rings or the kids to bring.
Always want me so much that I’ll always lose myself in your arms.

My promise

I could say I’ll learn, I won’t.

I could say I’ll be good, I won’t.

I’ll be me in the best way I’ll be able to be.

I’ll be free in my mind as it is my priority, for the rest of my life.

I’ll be beautiful as beautiful as you’ll see me .

I’ll be the same person I’ve always been, keeping on changing while the hands of time keep on turning.

I’ll be ME this I promise for real, I swear it. That’s your guarantee for life.