Horror eulogy in autumn fantasy

Reading stories about obsessions,
strange creatures, ghosts, possessions
loved them all
Hawthorne and Poe

Dickens goes well
Lovecraft till you’re mad,
but I’ll always have a place
for the Master of Universe

the Red King fantasy
will endlessly forever
make shiver my skin
from heaven to hell.

Imagine imagination

I’ve always been a dreamer.

I can put it on 80’s movies, on the books I’ve read since I was a child, the only one, so I had plenty of time to dream about places and people.

I was the hero or the queen? I think I was a sort of god of that world of mine, where my imagination could run free and wild.

Do you dare to think I finished with it? No way!

Let the thoughts be the truth, let the thinking be the way, no buying craps or foolish things, no falling into mac things..

I’ not trying to teach anything at all, I’m the student here!

I just need my dreams, my imagination to be dripped, words, lots of words to make it alive.

I just need to dream and write and read ’till I die.

Please, please let me believe there will be stories to hear Afterlife!

I miss you wonderful one

I remember your smell, your particular way, of living, of telling me stories, about your life, about us.

I miss you so much I think I won’t forgive you, ’cause you left me alone, facing all this seaquake, and my arms are so tired, of swimming in the deepness.

I dreamt of you and you were fine, no smile in your eyes, but I know your worries and I’m trying to survive.

I was thinking about the day you told me you were sleeping and granddad with his book, next to you. Then you woke up after a strange dreaming, the same story he was reading about.

I’ve always known you were special, your departure hadn’t left anything more to that.

So I find myself cut in the middle, playing everything is fine.

Goodbye girl, goodbye my friend, goodbye sweet nanny of mine, the strongest wonderful soul I ever met.