The embrace

I crave a tight embrace as much as I hate it. It’s so powerful it should mean good feelings. It’s a “welcome home”. It’s “I’ve got your back”. It’s “I feel for you”. It’s “I’ll make it better”. It should never be forced. It’s not righting wrongs. I’m a special place myself as you are. Let’s celebrate with big hugs that are good for the heart. Otherwise, step back. And keep your mask.

This little piece of 🌎

There’s no fairness to receive back, no gratitude granted. It’s a choice to be true to yourself and maybe losing everything else. I trust No One. I just breathe, then I remember: I’m alive and deserve to be. Doesn’t matter if I’m truly seen, loved and respected. No matter what, I deserve this little place in this Time and Earth. I have to believe.

respect.. what is that?

Don’t ask, don’t you dare!

Asking is for the brave people, the strong ones, those who hold the scepter, the best bite in their plate.

Don’t ever ask for some help, you lazy-ass!

You stay at home day and night, scratching your nose, or lower parts,

watching tv, reading your books, tapping on your pc!

You have your easy way with your cleaning, and cooking and other stuff!

Raising your kids? Oh, shut up, every mother does, and notice please the working ones!

How do you dare ask for help!

You’re getting fat, as a cow in the fatty grass.

<< Ok, ok, slow down.. I’m sorry, forget about it!>>


A man’s story

Little by little

his steps go further

snowflakes are falling

angels are coughing.

Little by little

his eyes are catching

a cat on the roof

a dog barking loud.

Little by little

my sweetie pie

you are going this far

for a chocolate bar?

In the blink of an eye

you got bigger

looking for fishing

in this human ocean.

Every man was a child

every child a baby

don’t forget your bones

from where you belong.

Every woman knows her story

bending the truth is no glory

as she tries a place to stay

has to fight a battle unfair.

So, little by little

your steps go on

never forget

where you come from.

It takes a woman to make a man

don’t you ever forget,

but you really should seek

for a better woman to meet.