On writing a novel… again!

Yes, of course I’m messing around.

Google+ and YouTube and all this stuff, I know I’ll change my mind, ’cause I’m not a chatty one, from time to time can happen, but my phone allergy is not so far from all this things.

But I can proudly say I wrote today, I’m going on and I amused myself with the story and it makes me hope for better.

I feel closer to my fantasy people  and I can focus better on their characters.

The point is to let the fantasy go without being childish.

You have to be mature enough to know that yes, it’s great to create places, stories from zero, but it’s easy, really easy to fall in a boring fairytale.Instead of a catchy novel.

So, my target is to be careful.

I surprised myself, I really did, when I found myself in some hot scenes, and I wrote them!

Keep on going, I really would like to share something soon or later.. we’ll see, it’s not in english.

Love and blessings to all of you

I love myself..I believe

I’m happy to be  me because I’m honest with myself, because I like my thoughts.

Sometimes I really keep me good company .

The thing is.. when someone’s always by your side no matter what, what you feel?

So, I’m grateful I ‘m still in one piece.

Look at me, I’ve been through some holes to hell!

I faced my fears, I’m still looking back from time to time, but what to do with something you never chose?

You don’t choose to lose someone, you don’t choose when the grim is going for a visit, it comes!

I’m on my feet and I’m in good company,I have love and I have to stop with these fears of loss.

I felt abandoned in my childhood, but to lose in these days that’s a different kettle of fish.

I’m fine, I have a dream, I need a project, everybody needs, to go on.

I’m writing every time I can and obviously it’s a hard thing to do, ’cause it’s like the universe notices it sending me distractions every minute.

I’m stubborn with this purpose, I’ll do it.

Don’t worry! I’m writing the story in italian, I know my english is good enough just to communicate, not to write really!

If a day, maybe, let me dream… It will score, maybe you’ll read it.



Omnipotence signs, writer syndrome

37 pages. a list of people all come from my mind and I have to remember them!

They’re starting to live on their own, their past coming to life while I type as I’m possessed by them.

So I’m starting to love them, looking forward to reach the end.

I’m drowning in all the doubts about my incompetence.

I’m positive I’ll finish this story of them, those people life come to life because of me.

I really don’t know what I’ll do after, but I’m enjoying the journey, we’ll see the destination.

I have a world in this ass-head of mine, not sure it could be appreciated, but I’m surprised myself when I look at that.

Thinking about omnipotence, writer syndrome.


just wanted to write some new pages !

too tired to even think about my thoughts.

no much writing today.

Lara and Robin will wait ’til tomorrow.

I have so much in mind and so many people stealing my time.

chocolate is the answer and some good reading.

hope I will be able to keep on writing tomorrow.

so true: never say a word about your project… seems the world is moving in, to stay.

S. the archer

S. came from the City, she grew as a soldier, the best archer of the Federal Guard.

She had the beauty of a princess: delicate features, a perfect tiny nose and pink full lips to kiss.

She was very tall, tall as the tallest men in the Guard, her body was a muscled skilled machine .

Her eyes were black, so dark you could never guess her thoughts behind, and her blond long hair were as bright as pure gold.

She was a discharged soldier, and she never turned around again.

She was a bounty hunter, never lost a prey.

Bounty hunters in love

The two of them were good enough to kill a man two seconds before he could even realize their presence.

One was blond and tall as a man, her face was as delicate as her body was strong and muscled.

The second one was tiny and flexible as an athletic huntress,but her gaze was merciless.

They where the best duo bounty-hunters.

Honour Dignity and Money where their gods and they never had to hunt for Love, as they found it already.

So, stay tuned, they’re in the way to come.


You, The Darkness Prince

I dreamt of you tonight.

I knew you so well, we burnt of the brightest fire!

I knew you were all my world, I felt at home.

Your hands the perfect shape of my tender breast.

We fall in this flames of desire, passion flew as a rushing river,

I knew it was right, I knew it was you I wanted for life.

The dream of us broke in thousands splinters,

my room was floodlit as the shadows went hiding.

I remembered your face, I cried as I missed you too much!

I tried to call you..but your name slipped away!

Come back, come back again my love!

I’ll free you one day, when I’ll call out your name..

Can you hear me now?

Can you hear me now?
I found my self in trouble.

Can you lend your hand?
I surely have to mend it

Did you love this end?
I never ment to break it.
’cause I feel your bond.

Can you hear me now?
I told you how I’m feeling.

Can you lend your hand?
I’m gasping as I’m drifting.

Did you love this end?
I’ll never find the words
to spin this wheel again.

Can you hear the words
Can you hear my love?
Can you hear me ,hear me
don’t let it be the end
of all our dreaming.

About my blog management

I have to spend some words about this blog, I’m worried someone could think I take myself too seriously, or much easier: I’m out of mind.

I’m probably out of mind, but I’m really quite self conscious to know I’m not an artist of any sort or level.

I have ideas, I have thoughts.

I love to have a place where I can put all of it down.

I’m 33, it’s a long time I’m not playing anymore, so, this place is a sort of my kindergarten.

This doesn’t mean I’m a sort of clown, I really feel what I write and the decision I made to use my voice in a poem I wrote it’s only because it’s born this way.

I really don’t think I’m able to sing or anything like that, it’s a share, with a high risk to be pathetic (my thought as well).

I’m not writing all this stuff because of someone words, you’re really too kind to say that, but it’s what I probably had thought myself.

I really long to see some of you find his/her way, because there are great projects in some blog of yours, I’m pretty sure about that.

So, I’m not taking myself too seriously, especially ’cause I’m ignorant, this is not my language and I have no qualification. Great, isn’t it? Or, as some of my country people living abroad say :”In it?” O-O ?

Bye Bye crocodiles

See you later alligators!

A man’s story

Little by little

his steps go further

snowflakes are falling

angels are coughing.

Little by little

his eyes are catching

a cat on the roof

a dog barking loud.

Little by little

my sweetie pie

you are going this far

for a chocolate bar?

In the blink of an eye

you got bigger

looking for fishing

in this human ocean.

Every man was a child

every child a baby

don’t forget your bones

from where you belong.

Every woman knows her story

bending the truth is no glory

as she tries a place to stay

has to fight a battle unfair.

So, little by little

your steps go on

never forget

where you come from.

It takes a woman to make a man

don’t you ever forget,

but you really should seek

for a better woman to meet.