We’re lost, we’re distant. We talk of nothings and life, we fight the beast of changes and daily rewind. Always a struggle, always behind. I need so much, you won’t try. I know, you know. We’ll keep on pretending is fine. If you want me, you’ve got to seduce me. You won’t even try. Bored I can deal with: it’s fine. I need no problems (no more), but please, I’m burning inside! you’re freezing my heart, flesh and soul. Such a crime!

The world in my hands

my eyes fall down to my hands and I consider how the time goes by.

it’s a habit I did not notice.

I stare at my hands like a baby, so I think the world starts from there.

I thank, I thank so much all I’ve done with my hands. Mine.

Give me the time!

Please, give me the time

give it to me

I’ll treasure it,

I’ll be wise,

but give me a bite!

Where are my thoughts?

Where my dreaming lines?

I think I’ll have to pass

’cause I have no time,

just two kids at school

and no time.