Got it!

Oh no, it’s not about you, it’s never been!

It’s about me, myself, the way I face it.

Being me and living with, going on and struggling for  that dream that never fades away completely.

Yes, now I got it, it’s about that dream: complain with my parents: Book and Movie, they’re busy actually, they’ve got so many kids!

It’s not about you, it’s never been.

Silence killer

Never ever live in silence.
Everybody can hurt you when you’re silent.
Scream out loud, let your life be an eternal cry.
Let everybody know your alive, moving in the time-line.
I hold you tight ’cause I can see your light,
you’re so beautiful I can’t express..
my feelings in your hand.

Never turn back

The one who leaves , leaves a presence ten times bigger than himself.

You have to be strong and look straight the way, never turn back, never.

His eyes will be so big and bright, ten times better than the real ones.

The way he smiled you’ll think was charming, in a way it never was.

So, leave the ghosts in peace and treat yourself right, as you’re here, now, flash and blood.

You’ve got to be your best friend ’cause no one in this life has been so close to you as you are .

You, The Darkness Prince

I dreamt of you tonight.

I knew you so well, we burnt of the brightest fire!

I knew you were all my world, I felt at home.

Your hands the perfect shape of my tender breast.

We fall in this flames of desire, passion flew as a rushing river,

I knew it was right, I knew it was you I wanted for life.

The dream of us broke in thousands splinters,

my room was floodlit as the shadows went hiding.

I remembered your face, I cried as I missed you too much!

I tried to call you..but your name slipped away!

Come back, come back again my love!

I’ll free you one day, when I’ll call out your name..

I miss you wonderful one

I remember your smell, your particular way, of living, of telling me stories, about your life, about us.

I miss you so much I think I won’t forgive you, ’cause you left me alone, facing all this seaquake, and my arms are so tired, of swimming in the deepness.

I dreamt of you and you were fine, no smile in your eyes, but I know your worries and I’m trying to survive.

I was thinking about the day you told me you were sleeping and granddad with his book, next to you. Then you woke up after a strange dreaming, the same story he was reading about.

I’ve always known you were special, your departure hadn’t left anything more to that.

So I find myself cut in the middle, playing everything is fine.

Goodbye girl, goodbye my friend, goodbye sweet nanny of mine, the strongest wonderful soul I ever met.